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Tasting notes: Stella Aurea 2010

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Deep, intense and brilliant, the ruby garnet colour precedes a classy and already complex nose, typical from the Alto Macul terroir.

Oak, cedar and noble tobacco are yet integrated to a rich fruit of blackcurrants, cherries and sweet raspberries. Smooth spices and soft meaty notes beside nutmeg and incense tones and of course the classic balsamic background and eucalyptus hints.

As well as the nose, the mouth is also very harmonious, even if still far away from its best. Well balanced between volume and depth, the voluptuousness impresses thanks to what will be a fine silky texture. The great quality of tannins explains allows controlled power and elegance of the deep structure. The finish shows a great potential but is still a bit aromatically closed by its tannic design. However, the budding complexity augurs’ great promises.

Aging Potencial: Until 2018.


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