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Back to 2010:

This vintage was, at the beginning, very well balanced and (let´s admit it) a bit different in terms of personality.

Guess what: 12 years later, this is the very same story!

Alba de Domus is at its top and gives all the complexity it has: this is the right moment , don´t wait for more enjoyment, even if it should hold some 3 years more.

Azul, on its side, is simply great! A true essence of its "las Pircas" vineyard, with all its positive evolution. But, it needs to breathe a lot before to offer it all.

It`s balance is impressive, everything is just where it has to be. Terrific wine on it`s only third harvest (3 years old vines) and has still a lot to give! Until 2030 for the less!

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